Friday, March 14, 2014

Watermelon Morning

"I love it so much I could fall on the sidewalk and sob,"
I said to Julian, who I'd met less than an hour ago.
Who he was, I didn't care,
it was Carol who had designs on him
and had told me of her plan to snag him.
Maybe like with cats, it's disinterest that attracts
but he stayed with me after the crowd dispersed
and wanted to talk and talk.
He seemed surprised and moved to tears
when I shared with him
how much I love Santa Theresa.

And then, I opened my eyes from the dream
to find my room glowing.
Through my north window, behind the willows,
a watermelon sky.
Through my drapes to the east,
a wall of pink,
and all around me inside my room,
the light of roses.

In order to remember
I repeated it in my mind
over and over like music:
"I love it so much
I could fall on the sidewalk and sob,"
and then, I grabbed my camera
and hurried into the yard
to let myself swim in the color.


  1. Hip, sly, emotionally honest, leaves you feeling like a fly on the wall in a Joni Mitchell song. One fine piece of writing, girl. One damn fine piece of writing.

    1. Louis, hello,

      Hip, sly, emotionally honest. I always enjoy your perceptions. And your strong complements on this one: wow, thank you Louis. It happened exactly like this. The dream, the surprising line "I could fall on the sidewalk and sob." A thought I was completely unaware of and definitely did not come from my conscious mind, But it was too raw and unusual to ignore, and so I thought I'd press a boundary -- and there you go.

      Once again, thank you for your generous words. I trust that your world is delivering creative rewards. As you give so much to others, it must return to you.

      My fond regards, Anitra

    2. Thank you, too, for your kind words AND for pressing that boundary when something too raw and unusual to ignore jackrabbited into the waking world from your subconscious. No complaints from me about the generosity of the world around me these days! As always, my very best wishes for you and yours.

    3. Louis,

      Hello again. I am delighted by your comment. I must say that your word, "jackrabbited," sprang to the top of my list of treats for the day.

      As always, lovely to hear from you, Aneet

  2. What an amazing post Aneet. Santa Barbara seems like a constant kaleidoscope of colors, much more so than one sees along this part of the coast. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

    Best wishes and warm regards,


    1. Joseph,

      So nice to see you here. I'm glad you resonate with the colors conveyed here. I appreciate your sensitivity to beauty and nature.

      Lovely to hear from you, ~ Aneet

  3. Rain pours on a gray Georgia morning. The steaming coffee was particularly satisfying as the computer beckoned me on a very special morning. It is special because of the blessing of being able to see God's hand sketching beauty in the cleansing showers. The rain makes all things seem clean and new from yesterday's dust and the beginning of pollen. Crisp cool air chills the morning as I venture on the porch to soak in the relaxing rhythm of soothing raindrops striking their target. These are Sundays designed for relaxation and freedom from finding odd jobs drawing you to tasks of labor whispering your name outdoors. I think I will have another cup and enjoy the sights and sounds of a very special Sunday morning.

    Anitra, thanks for your artistry. I look forward to more in a couple of months.

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for sharing impressions of an inspired Georgia morning. I enjoyed reading your introspective thoughts. I'm happy that you plan to join us again. Perhaps next time you will leave initials.

      Many more satisfying days, Anitra

  4. That was perfect, Anitra, or as close as I can detect to perfect. I really felt the dream and emerging light. Watermelon and morning mingle into seamless awakening.

    1. Geo,

      It's lovely to hear from you. I'm honored by your kind words. The perfection may be in your last sentence above.

      I trust that you and Norma are in the pink and tinkering with the jinks of springtime.

      Great good wishes to you Geo, Anitra

  5. Aneet,
    This is truly so beautiful...the words and the photographs...simply stunning and this is still an understatement.
    Mary and I send you our best wishes, as always.

    1. Tom and Mary,

      It's lovely to hear from you. I am delighted that you like this post. It's a pleasure to be able to share it with you.

      Happy and inspiring days to you both, Aneet

  6. Aneet, this is a beautiful poem leaving much to the imagination. This sky could also be interpreted as a Raspberry Sky.......


    1. Hello Dear Jonathan,

      I'm glad you like the poem. In reality, it happened just that way: the dream, the light, the photographs and later, transcribing what happened. And yes, as you say, much is left to the imagination. Dreams are like that; I am still pondering this one.

      I agree, raspberry would work as well and is a wonderful word and image.

      Welcome back and smiles to you Jonathan, ~ Aneet