Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday's Question: Can Love be Little?

Mark Rothko is an artist I admire, his courage to speak in planes of color and leave the representational images behind. How I love to enter his luminous world and dream of following suit with brushes, canvas and paint.

Yesterday, on my evening walk, when I crested the hill above Via Regatta, the ocean greeted me with a horizon blended into sea and sky. Only because I knew the islands were there, could I detect a faint outline, but mostly what I saw was milk-glass: a Rothko image #17 in silvery shades of pink and blue. I hurried home to get my camera hoping to capture the misty "all one" scene before it changed.

I succeeded in taking the photos. Later, when I scrolled through the images, I came upon other photos taken over the past few weeks. In my collection of random shots, there were no covers for National Geographic, or calendar pages for the Sierra Club, just simple surprises I'd found on street corners and unexpected vistas happened upon. I remembered an assignment from an old poetry class, where we were asked to write a poem on "Little Loves." My first response became the title of the poem I wrote: "Can Love be Little?"

Then, I realized that my memory card with its almost forgotten images seemed to be a blog post waiting.


  1. Aneet, beautiful photography. One of the photos is Santa Barbara with the Channel Islands in the background?

    As artists, it's truly amazing where we can get our inspiration from. You got it from an evening walk. Many times I get inspiration to create drum solos when I'm in bed at night trying to fall asleep, or when I'm walking briskly and listen to a train go by and get in sync with the rhythm the train is creating.

    Great work as always Aneet. Your creativity always intrigues me........


  2. Aneet-

    Simply gorgeous photography and words. I am in awe of how you are able to draw so much inspiration from the beauty all around you.

    Regards as always,


    1. Dear Joseph,

      Coming from you, a person who loves and is in tune with nature and the world around him, your words mean a lot. Thank you so much for sharing them.

      Happy spring days to you, ~ Aneet

  3. Fine photos. Intriguing question. Personally, I consider love an irreducible state, but have no idea what size that would make it. I like the title of your poem!

    1. Geo,

      Hello. It's always a delight to hear from you. Thank you for your generous words. They leave me thinking . . . n irreducible state . . . but what size?

      Perhaps the size of one fully inhabited moment, or even the size of one hand clapping..

      Health and Joy Geo, ~ Aneet