Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today the Jacarandas

They're back, the jacarandas, crowning the streets of the lower East Side. Everywhere sprawling purple. When you drive down Mason, or up Chapala, pastel smudges tint the shadows, watercolor washes canopy streets.


Every year I anticipate this display, eyeing the almost invisible trees with their dull olive leaves (and especially in this drought year) thinking, "No, it's not going to happen, not this time." And then a sprig of purple appears, and next a bough of blossoms, and finally, oh I of little faith, see like clockwork their return; and I savor the days when jacarandas burst forth like advancing cumulus clouds. And when I drive -- coasting the small streets and the wide -- I follow the purple with my eyes as if magnetized.




Blooming in waves, some of the trees are full now. Others like the moon are receding, spilling spring confetti onto curbs, onto lawns, onto hoods of cars, and tapping my shoulder like the touch of a stranger when I
come in close for a photo.




And in the shade of the jacaranda, as I snap, snap my camera a voice calls, "They're purple, like your hat," I turn to see a middle-aged man in a beige van idling in a driveway. Slightly balding with wire rimmed glasses, he leans forward in his seat, "They're purple like your hat," he says again, "and royal, and they bloom every year." I smile, signal thumb's up and we both nod. He then disappears down Montecito Street.



  1. What amazing blossoms! And what a wonderful canopy they provide for your walk. You chose the perfect hat for it! My compliments on excellent photos.

  2. Hello Geo,

    Welcome. Lovely to see you here. Your presence adds depth and color to every post. Re: my hat: I had chosen it randomly, hadn't been aware that it matched the blossoms until the beige van man called it out.

    Good wishes to you Geo, Anitra

  3. Lovely post Aneet. The jacarandas always remind me of my college years at Cal. State Long Beach, as they were in abundance not just on campus, but throughout neighboring areas of Long Beach. You camera captures the blossoms' rich color combined with Santa Barbara's natural beauty so well.

    I love the sidebar photo as well. One can't help but think about those Marc Breslow close ups again. =) Hope the fog is lifting around your neck of the woods.

    Best wishes and fond regards,


    1. Joseph,

      Lovely to see you here. Back at our old "blog" stomping ground. Seems so peaceful and welcoming compared to the noisy hub of Facebook. I so enjoy reading your message; it conveys the tone of this post, and says so much in a few words.

      I have a special fondness for LBS. Have friends who've attended as well as taught there. I did not know that they too have jacarandas. Thank you for your beautiful words Joseph.

      Cool breezes to you, ~ Anitra

  4. In the shade of jacarandas... what a perfect thought to tempt me to slow down and catch my breath for a bit... thank you

    1. Louis, hello, hello. But isn't there a time for everything? Sowing, reaping, etc? What little I've seen of what you do amazes me. The detail of your writing on your blog is one. the scope of your photography is another.

      It's lovely to see you here. Hope your are having fun in your endeavors.

      Cool Breezes, ~ Aneet

    2. Aneet, thank you for the kind words. No problems when it comes to having fun doing things this busy late spring and I think both the blog and the photography page will benefit. But I do regret not having the time to write out a decent comment for a couple of your recent Anitra's Inspiration posts (especially the Richter painting and the Friday the 13th full moon). But, as you note, there's a time for everything-- between the sowing and the reaping comes the day of patiently tending the garden and enjoying the sight of what is growing. Things are beginning to slow down a bit here and I'll be looking for your next posts. Until then, wishing you cool breezes too-- and gentle rains.

    3. Ah, so lovely to read your words. As to having time for everything, I think creative people have a challenge being selective. We can't do everything, and sometimes need to skip those things we truly love. I know I do, in fact many times each day.

      The idea of patiently tending the garden and enjoying the sight of what's growing -- that's good stuff.

      Thank you for your good wishes. Cool breezes are abundant here, but rain? In summer? I can only wish.

      Fond regards, Anitra